Lack of dignity for labour is one of the chief reasons behind unemployment in the society- Mohan Bhagwat ,RSS chief.

Speaking at a public function, Mohan Bhagwat said lack of dignity for labour was one of the main reason behind unemployment in the country and urged people to respect all kinds of work irrespective of their nature.

He also urged people to stop running after jobs and said no work can be labelled as big or as small as it is done for the society.

In fact the government jobs are only around 10%, while other jobs are around 20%, no society in the world can create more than 30% jobs.

No matter what kind of work people do, it should be respected. whether the work required physical labour or intellect, weather it requires hard work or soft skills, also would be respect it but adding work that requires hand labour is still not respected. when one livelihood, one has a responsibility towards the society.

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