Crime against women rises 11% in Navi Mumbai in 2022 official statistics showed.

Police in this planned Township near Mumbai released the annual crime statistics for 2022 on Friday. There was an 11% increase in crimes against women in Navi Mumbai in 2022 compared to the presiding year.

Overall 4,297 how to 6,44 3 ,67% crime registered last year were solved.


In 2022 there were 39 registered cases of Murder, 48 cases of attempt to murder, 6 culpable homicides not accounting to murder. 627 cases of assault and 47 cases of assault in public servants.


There were as many 197 cases of chain theft and 397 cases of house break inns. There were a total 236 cases of rape, 509 cases of harassment of women and 25 cases of molestation.

The rape cases included 109 matters were the victim was a minor.


There were a total of 364 cases of kidnapping and 23 cases of extortion. Cyber crime increased from 172 into 2021 to 207 in 2022 with the detection rate also increasing to 26.08% from 23.83%.

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