A nine- year -old Indian- American school girl, samedha Saxsena has been named as one of the world’s brightest student.

United States based Johns Hopkins Centre for talented youth (CTY) the grade 4 student of battery Park city school in New York city was assessed in an above grade level exam used by CTY to identify advanced students across the world that analyse their academic abilities.

Samedha Saxena took the test along with 15,300 students from 76 countries.

She was recognised for her outstanding performance on the, SAT, ACT, school and college ability test or similar assessment, taken as part of the CTY Talent Search. she received the honour after being one of the youngest to qualify for the program at the age of 8 in 2022.

CTY executive director doctor Amy Shelton extended congratulations by nothing that recognition is a salute to the students , She added that an exciting future awaits the kids who will use their potential to follow their passions, achieve remarkable dreams and benefits the society.

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