A 3 Meter gallery is being built on the Delhi Mumbai Expressway to place Optical fibre, cable solar energy panels pipeline and more.

Road transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari has shared that a 3 Meter gallery is being built on the Delhi- Mumbai Express Highway to place Optical fibre, cable, solar energy panels, pipeline and more.

For water harvesting water recharge points are being built after every 500 meter stretch on the highway. The total number of these points will be more than 2,000.

These developments are part of the governments to improve the countries Road Infrastructure and bring it on a par of American standards by the end of 2024.

Apart from being a modern technology adorned project the highway will be a significant milestone to bring the economically and educationally backward districts to the path of development.

This Express will also be covered by around 670 roadside amenities.

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