Tourist information Centre launched in Bodh Gaya, Bihar.

The Deputy Chief Minister Tejasvi Prasad Yadav on Wednesday angurated The Tourist information centre near Maya Sarovar in Bodhgaya.

Tourist ready Rconer published by the state government and also held a meeting with Hoteliers and tour operators in Bodhgaya.

Tourist promotion activities planned by the state tourism department and the district administration.

As the Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar said “we are planning for the development of the tourism sector in Bihar and it is yelding good results.

we have called meetings for all the tourist guides of our development so that the number of tourist can be increased as much as possible.

The hotel Association Bodhgaya submitted a memorandum to the deputy CM, Association president Jai Singh said “demand has been made for development of tourist sites around Bodhgaya including sujata garh durgesh wari, kakolat waterfalls besides developing a corridor from Rajapur to Vishnupad.

The memorandam also drew that attention towards other infrastructure development like widening the road from domuhan to world heritage Mahabodhi mahavihar and Rajapur.

Apart from this demand has also been made to ensure development of other basic infrastructure like expension of the Gaya airport, no vehicle zone around the Maha Vihar, sewage system, drinking water, uninterrupted power supply in Bodhgaya for tourist. Health Centre parking and tourist centric facilities.

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