It is important to keep your blood healthy and clean.

As per the expert, eating a diet rich in vitamin C and iron increases the production of RCB in the blood which improves oxygen flow throughout the body.

In order to keep your blood healthy about foods that could help with increasing hemoglobin levels adding essential nutrients to the blood and supporting healthy blood flow.

Maintaining health blood is vital for the overall wing. Eating a diet rich in iron Vitamin C and other Essentials nutrients can help increase the production of red blood cells. walking and cycling helps in increasing the heart rate which not just lowers cholesterol levels but also flush out dirt or impurities in the heart and ensures clean passes of blood from the heart to the organ.

Iron rich wheat grass, juice ,black klay, molasses, kidney beans and Tofu help increases blood hemoglobin level.

Leafy green like spinach, Kale ,broccoli impact with essential nutrients for healthy blood.

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