BJP raised question on West Bengal law and order after attack on minister of state.

Under the union minister for home affairs Nitish Pramanik convoy ,BJP in West Bengal unit and the minister himself raised concerned about the law and order situation in West Bengal.

Pramanik showed his concern about the attack and claims that he has been targeted for being a “Rajbongshi.”

On Saturday kooch Bihar Din Hata allegedly by the trinmool workers who pelted stones and Hurled bombs. The Minister said that stones pelted at his vehicle and Bullet marks were identified. on his bullet proof vehicle last week. Trinmool workers gathered at his residence and started a day-long protest outside his home.

Pramanik twitted the attack on me by the trinmool goons is an attack on democracy. the entire nation is watching democracy is being creepled by trinamool sponsored and supported terrorism. it is proof of complete failure of law and order in the state of West Bengal. We believe in fighting constitutionally how ever they are doing worst politics.

Educated youth in Bengal sitting and protesting on the roads for the jobs ,usage of police and administration everywhere ,this is really unfortunate.

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