Prime Minister held a meeting with top ministers in Parliament.

Bhartiya Janata Party has issued a three line whip for its MPS to be present in Rajya Sabha on Monday for the passage of important bills in Upper house.

The ministers who were present at this meeting included Union Home minister Amit Shah, finance minister Nirmala sitharaman, Law Minister Kiran re jiju ,commerce Minister Piyush Goyal and I and B Minister Anurag Thakur.

There are two bills which government listed for passage in Rajya Sabha including Jammu and Kashmir appropriation bill 2023 and appropriation bill 2023.

Nirmala sitaraman will move to Jammu and Kashmir appropriation bill 2023 this bill was passed by Lok Sabha last week.

To authorised payment and appropriation as certain sums from consolidated fund of union territory Jammu and Kashmir.

Finance Minister sitaraman tusled 64 official amendments to the finance will which was tabled in Parliament on Fab 1.

Meanwhile the opposition MPs have put on black clothes in protest against the government on the Adani issue and Rahul Gandhi this qualification as MP from Lok Sabha.

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