The supreme court ordered on Monday immediate release of death row Convict after finding that he was only 12 year old at the time of crime.

A bench of justice Aniruddh Bose KM Joseph and Rishikesh Roy on Monday ordered his release after concluding that he is claim of juvenility was true .(Narayan Chetan Ram Chaudhari VS state of Maharashtra)

Chetan Ram spent 28 years in prison 25 of those as death row Convict for 1994 Rathi family murdered in Pune in which two children and the pregnant women were murdered.

During his trial as well as appeals against his conviction courts including the supreme court had recorded his being between 20 to 22 years.

After his death sentence was confirmed he filed a review petition claming to have been a minor at the time of crime.

What aided the argument was the fact that is school records from Rajasthan where discovered in 2015 which conclusively proved his juvenility.

In January 2019 the supreme court directed Pune principal district session judge to prove Chaudhary age who submitted his findings in a sealed cover.

On Monday the apex court ordered his immediate release Narayan Chaudhary was represented by senior advocate R. Basant brefed by project 39-A.

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