Disorder has become the normal order in Parliament frequent Disruptions of proceedings in both houses- Jagdeep Dhankar.

There will never be a time in dynamic democracy when there will be no issues between executive, the legislature and Judiciary, he said.

Disorder has become the normal order in Parliament, he lemented.

He said that temples of democracy the legitimate constitutional theatres for dialogue, debate, discussion and deliberation are plagued by disruptions and disturbance.

There are bound to be issues. These are required to be resolved taking recourse to collaborative stance, Dhankar said.

Loksabha and Rajya Sabha have witnessed daily disruptions during the second leg of the budget session which began on March 13 over opposition demand for a joint parliamentary panel.

In the recent past Dhankar questioned the Supreme Court verdict striking down a law over turn the Collegium system passed by parliament.

Law Minister Kiran rijiju had recently describe the Collegium system of appointment of Supreme Court and High Court Judges as being “alien” to the Indian Constitution.

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