Mal practises in Pharma firms play havoc with the life and health of patients.

In a view of number of cases of tragic deaths of patients or botched treatments due to the consumption of spurious medicines in the past couple of years, the Mal practices allegedly indugled in various firms in the Pharma hub of Himachal Pradesh and Haryana.

However reflecting a sad affairs is the fact that is only the Global blow death to the Indian Pharma Industry that has shaken up the authorities to launch this nationwide crack down.


Under special drive against firms Red flagged for producing substandard drugs are whooping 47 have been found criminally erring speaks volumes of the manufacturing practices of this industry including the cancellation as the licence of 18 manufacturers and issuance of so Cause Notice to 26 should act as clean deterrent a clean up of taineted sector would require regular inspections by the authorities and zero tolerance for any compromise with the quality of pills and potions produced.

The death of 70 children in Gambia link to a Sonipat based unit,. death of children in Uzbekistan involving in Noida company and blindness caused by bad quality eye drops from a Tamil Nadu for it would be a worth while case of being better late than never.

The system smacks of in efficiency and corruption in the process involving clearance to manufacturers and checks on quality timely howling up all involved is the key to preventing avoidable loss of life and limb.

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