The way we have given the whole country a model of education and healthcare, the same way we will give a model of governance to them.” Arvind Kejriwal.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal held a press briefing after the apex court ordered that the AAP government will now have control over the administrative services of the national capital and the Lieutenant Governor of the territory will be bound by its decision. He also made a big announcement during his conference.

Delhi CM said, “A system will be created which will be highly responsive towards the citizens of the state, all the shortcomings shall be removed. They will be answerable to the citizens. It is a rotten system and proper work shall be done upon it.”

He went on to attack corruption and the corrupt officials in the Delhi government and said that strict action will be taken against it.

There have been some workers and officers who tried stopping the work of the Delhi government and its citizens, strict action will surely be taken against them. But on the other hand there are some people who want to work for the welfare of the state and they will be given an opportunity to do so.”

Prime Minister is like a father figure and it’s his responsibility to take care of them, we also look upto him. But the way on 23 May 2015 the powers of the Delhi government were taken away by the Centre. We worked for eight without power. Who got benefitted, rather all the development work was stopped. Today it was proved by Supreme Court that it was an unconstitutional order. It was a big loss for the people of Delhi.”

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