you must keep on doing certain health tests once you cross 30.

If you are obese and overweight then you must check Body Mass Index and follow a certain diet to lose weight after 30.

Doing certain screenings and tests during the 40s and 50s ensures that you tackle any health issue before it gets out of hand.

Every woman from 30 onwards should do a Pap smear test once every three years. Along with it doing an HPV test is highly recommended. Human papillomaviruses or HPV have been known to cause different types of cervical and related cancers. Both men and women should screen for prediabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes once they cross 30 years of age. People who are obese or overweight must do these tests once every six months.

Those who are overweight or obese should immediately consult a dietician, check their Body Mass Index, and try to lose weight.

According to The American Cancer Society, a woman should compulsorily do mammograms for breast cancer once every two years after she reaches the age of 40 years. After she reaches the age of 45, a woman must do a mammogram every year until she reaches the age of 54. Both men and women must screen for colorectal cancer once they have crossed the age of 45 years.In the case you do not check your eyes regularly after 40 you must start doing annual checkups from an ophthalmologist to avoid probable eye diseases. It is more important if you suffer from diabetes, hypertension, or even have a family history of eye health issues. Early screenings can detect cataracts and glaucoma.

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