The Badrinath National Highway in Uttarakhand has been closed again due to a landslide, leaving many travellers stranded. Work is underway to clear the road.

The Badrinath National Highway in Uttarakhand, India, has been closed again on Saturday for due to a landslide. The highway had reopened for traffic on Friday morning but had to be shut down once more.

Several passengers are currently stranded along the route. The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has initiated efforts to clear the road by removing debris, to reopen the highway and ensure the safe passage of travellers.

The Badrinath National Highway 7 (NH-7) in Chamoli district has been closed for the past 13 hours at Lambagad and Khachada drains due to heavy and continuous rainfall. The closure has affected numerous commuters, including pilgrims and tourists traveling to and from the popular Badrinath shrine.

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