PM Netanyahu’s Provocative Declaration: Israel’s ‘Crush Hamas’ Pledge in Gaza Offensive Sparks Controversy

In a televised address, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a resolute message on Tuesday, affirming Israel’s determination to counter Hamas with unprecedented force, despite not initiating the conflict. Netanyahu condemned Hamas and pledged that their actions would not go unanswered.

A Historic Mistake, Warns PM Netanyahu

“Hamas will understand that by attacking us, they have made a mistake of historic proportions. We will exact a price that will be remembered by them and Israel’s other enemies for decades to come,” declared Netanyahu, emphasizing the gravity of the situation. He assured visiting officials from southern Israel that Hamas would face formidable consequences.

Israel’s Resolve and Commitment

“This is only the beginning… we are all with you, and we will defeat them with force, enormous force,” Netanyahu asserted. He stressed that Israel had been forced into this conflict and would see it through. The Prime Minister underlined the atrocities committed by Hamas against innocent Israelis and drew parallels with ISIS, urging global unity against this menace.

Global Support and Gratitude

Netanyahu expressed gratitude to US President Joe Biden and international leaders for their support, emphasizing that Israel’s fight transcended borders, representing a stand against barbarism. He concluded by highlighting that an Israeli victory would be a triumph for the entire civilized world.

Unprecedented Israeli Mobilization

In response to the escalating conflict, the Israeli military initiated a forceful offensive against Hamas, mobilizing an astonishing 300,000 troops within 48 hours. This marks the largest troop deployment since the 1973 Yom Kippur War. The mobilization follows a devastating Hamas attack, resulting in rocket launches and casualties on both sides.

Complete Siege of Gaza Strip

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant announced a complete siege of the Gaza Strip, intensifying military action against Hamas. The IDF continues to target Hamas-linked sites in Gaza with airstrikes to undermine the group’s capabilities.

Hamas’ Threats to Civilian Hostages

Meanwhile, Hamas issued a chilling warning, stating that civilian hostages would be executed without warning, with the killings broadcast if Israel targeted individuals in Gaza. The group claims to be holding more than 100 hostages, including Israeli army officers. The situation remains tense and volatile, with far-reaching implications for the region as both sides engage in a protracted conflict.

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