Justice Prevails: Journalist Soumya Vishwanathan Murder Case Resolved After 15 Years

In a significant legal development, a Delhi court has convicted five men in the Soumya Vishwanathan murder case that occurred 15 years ago. On the night of September 30, 2008, Soumya Vishwanathan, a 25-year-old journalist working as a news producer at Headlines Today, met a tragic end during her drive back home to Vasant Kunj. Her commute would become her last, as a late-night robbery attempt turned fatal.

The court’s ruling brings some closure to this harrowing case that shook the nation. The four accused – Ravi Kapoor, Amit Shukla, Baljit Malik, and Akshay Kumar – have been found guilty of murder and loot. The fifth, Ajay Sethi, was held guilty of aiding and abetting the others.

Five people, Ravi Kapoor, Amit Shukla, Baljeet Malik, Ajay Kumar and Ajay Sethi, arrested for killing Soumya Viswanathan

According to police officers who investigated the case, Soumya Vishwanathan overtook a car occupied by the four convicts, Kapoor, Shukla, Kumar, and Malik. These men observed that Soumya was driving alone and began tailing her. Their initial intention was robbery, but a disturbing turn of events unfolded.

The culprits attempted to intercept Soumya’s car, but she refused to stop. Ravi Kapoor then fired at her with a country-made weapon, tragically hitting her on the head, causing her immediate demise. Her car veered off, crashing into a divider on Nelson Mandela Marg, near her residence.

The assailants fled the scene, only to return later to check Soumya’s condition. When they noticed the presence of police personnel, they hastily fled once more. The unfortunate discovery of Soumya was made around 3.45 am by a passerby who promptly alerted the police.

Rushed to AIIMS, Soumya was declared dead. The investigation revealed that she had called her father around 3.15 am to let him know she was on her way. Shockingly, in less than half an hour, her life was brutally taken.

Although Soumya’s phone and wallet were found in the car, this case presented a unique challenge for the police. The murderers had no physical contact with the victim, and the fatal shot was fired from a moving vehicle.

The breakthrough in the Soumya Vishwanathan murder case came during the investigation into another woman’s murder, Jigisha Ghosh, in 2009. Ravi Kapoor was arrested in connection with Jigisha’s murder, and during interrogation, he disclosed his involvement in another woman’s killing, leading to the eventual breakthrough in Soumya’s case.

Speaking after the verdict, senior Delhi Police officer HGS Dhaliwal, who had led the investigation at the time, expressed that this case was particularly challenging due to the lack of physical contact between the victim and the perpetrators. He highlighted that only a single bullet fired from a moving vehicle had tragically taken Soumya’s life.

India Today News Director Rahul Kanwal, who was a colleague of Soumya at the time, expressed his thoughts after the verdict. “Soumya Vishwanathan was the brightest young producer I have had the privilege of working with,” he shared. Her murder had deeply affected him, and he expressed his emotions upon hearing the verdict, mentioning that while nothing can bring Soumya back, at least justice has been served.

Following the court’s ruling, Soumya’s parents, Madhavi Vishwanathan and MK Vishwanathan, expressed their relief. Ms. Vishwanathan asserted, “We lost our daughter, but this will act as a deterrent for others.” She expressed her desire for life sentences for the convicts.

The verdict in the Soumya Vishwanathan murder case serves as a testament to the unwavering commitment of law enforcement in pursuing justice even after 15 long years.

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