PM’s Pat For Rescued Tunnel Worker: “You Should Be Subject Of Case Study”

The leadership of tunnel foreman Gabbar Singh Negi, who was one among the 41 workers rescued on Tuesday after spending 17 days in the collapsed Silkyara tunnel in Uttarakhand, was commended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday.

Speaking with the laborers a day after their release, the prime minister remarked that Mr. Negi might be the focus of a case study because he set a good example and kept the workers’ morale up during their more than two-week ordeal in the tunnel.  

Some university ought to write a case study about you. It ought to examine the leadership attributes of Gabber Singh Negi, a common man from a hamlet who managed to keep his team together throughout a difficult period, according to Prime Minister Modi.


The Prime Minister also commended Mr. Negi and his colleague Saba Ahmad for their “team-spirit” in keeping the other employees safe and composed during their ordeal inside. 


Gabbar Singh found himself stranded in a tunnel for the third time. Throughout the more than 400 hours they spent in the small room, Mr. Negi attempted to keep the others engaged and at ease, and his experience helped. While efforts were underway to save the group, he kept his coworkers physically and mentally occupied by teaching them yoga and meditation. Mr. Negi made the decision to depart last on their journey out of the tunnel in order to guarantee the safe rescue of all of his coworkers.


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