Reacting to a fan’s comment about Suhana stealing all of your attention, Shah Rukh Khan ROFL

In the song Sunoh, Suhana Khan was seen roller skating.

On Saturday afternoon, Shah Rukh Khan took a break from his hectic schedule to host an Ask SRK session for his admirers on X, which was once known as Twitter. On Friday, the second song from Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming movie Dunki was made available. Fans are curious about the release date of Shah Rukh Khan’s roller skating films, such as those starring his daughter Suhana. For background, in the song Sunoh, Suhana Khan—who is about to make her big debut in Zoya Akhtar’s The Archies—is seen roller skating.  “Suhana Khan stealing all your spotlight by roller skating.. when will you roller skate in your movies?” a fan asked Shah Rukh Khan on X. In a swift response, Shah Rukh Khan said, “Never ever, I have attempted it a few times and fell on my butt! Suhana can skate pretty well, so I’ll leave her to it.” 

The movie starring Shah Rukh Khan will hit theatres on December 21; Suhana’s feature will debut on Netflix on December 7. Fans are therefore just as eager to learn more about these films. During an earlier Ask SRK session, fans asked Shah Rukh Khan which movie he was most looking forward to. “Suhana loves Dunki and I love Archies,” was Shah Rukh Khan’s response to him. I believe we have everything handled between the two of us.#Dunkis. Look at their interactions on social media: Following the release of the trailer, Shah Rukh Khan, who has been supporting Suhana’s first feature since the first glimpse, posted a special message on his Instagram.  Shah Rukh Khan shared the teaser and commented, “The Archies is a modern subject with timeless characters thrown into a very fable-like world.” The video has such a pure, innocent feel to it thanks to Zoya’s artistic vision—perhaps a reflection of how our world might be if we had a more environmentally conscious mindset. Best wishes to the whole crew behind this charming and thought-provoking enjoyable movie!” 

Suhana, Khushi Kapoor, and Agastya Nanda make their debuts in The Archies. In Dunki, Shah Rukh Khan will first appear on film alongside Taapsee Pannu and Vicky Kaushal.


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