Cyclone Michaung: 3 dead as heavy rain submerges Chennai, airport closed until morning, landfall expected around midnight

At midnight, Cyclone Michaung is predicted to land between Nellore and Machilipatnam.

Live updates on Cyclone Michaung: ‘Michaung’, which has escalated into a strong cyclonic storm, is still causing tremendous rains, leaving most of Chennai underwater. Currently over the Bay of Bengal, the storm is probably headed towards the coast of Andhra Pradesh. Three fatalities have been reported from Chennai’s low-lying neighbourhoods, and the airport has been closed till Tuesday AM due to heavy flooding. At midnight, the storm is predicted to make landfall between Nellore and Machilipatnam.

In Chennai, the Indian Army Supports Flood Rescue Operations, According to the Indian Army, it deployed two columns for the mission in a timely manner after receiving a request for assistance from the Chennai civic administration. The delegation was made up of about 135 individuals who were outfitted with vehicles, boats, and flood relief supplies, among other necessary items. About 300 individuals were reportedly successfully rescued and helped by the Indian Army during their deployment. Chennai’s flooding presents a new challenge for drainage According to civic authorities in Chennai, where Cyclone Michaung dropped heavy rain and caused waterlogging, severe pushback from sea waves at all four outlets is slowing down the drainage of water. According to them, the water is evenly distributed around Chennai and, should the rain stop, should be emptied in 12 hours. Authorities In Andhra District Report Rescue Teams Are Ready For Cyclone Landfall. “All Bapatla police stations have received an alert. Teams from the NDRF and SDRF are ready to conduct rescue operations. According to Bapatla Superintendent of Police Vakul Jindal, “actions are being taken to relocate everyone residing in low-lying areas to cyclone shelters.” Cyclone Michaung is predicted to land in Bapatla after midnight.

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