“The moment I entered India…”: Pakistani woman to wed a resident of Kolkata

Javeria Khanum’s application was first turned down twice by the Indian High Commission, then the Covid epidemic in 2020 caused even more delays in the plot’s development.

In order to finish her love tale, Pakistani Javeria Khanum travelled across the Attari-Wagah border in Amritsar on Tuesday and is currently waiting in Kolkata. In January, Ms. Khanum will tie the knot with Sameer Khan, a resident of Kolkata.
Five years ago, Javeria and Sameer first met when the latter noticed Ms. Khanum’s photo on his mother’s phone upon returning to Kolkata from Germany. For him, it was love at first sight. He expressed his desire to wed his mother. The proposal was accepted by both families when Sameer’s mother in Dera Ismail, Pakistan, delivered it to Javeria’s mother. However, there was a difficult path ahead for this love tale.

In order to visit India, Javeria Khanum needed to apply for a visa. Her application was initially turned down twice by the Indian High Commission, and the Covid pandemic in 2020—a worldwide emergency—further stalled the development of their story. Unfazed, Javeria Khanum reapplied, and their love tale successfully passed the most difficult hurdle—obtaining a visa. Tuesday, Ms. Khanum entered the Attari-Wagah border crossing in Amritsar, India, with Pakistan. At the border, Sameer greeted his fiancée with flowers and “dhol” beats. “We were attempting to obtain a visa, but our families approved of the marriage. I express my gratitude to the Indian government for providing me with a 45-day visa. We have been dating for the past five years. I spent a long time trying to get a visa, and eventually I was successful. Everyone at home was overjoyed,” Javeria said to ANI.

“I’m having a great time. Everyone in India greeted me with affection and congratulations the moment I arrived. Seeing how warmly I was welcomed made me glad. I’m still in shock over this,” she continued.

Sameer and Javeria repeatedly asked the Indian government for assistance in order to get their matter quickly resolved. Last month, Mr. Khan wrote on X that he had only had three opportunities to see Javeria in the previous five years. Her visa has been denied twice by India, once in Thailand and once in Dubai. After their bizarre reconnection at the border, Javeria and Sameer were both having trouble accepting that they could actually get married. “You can see it on my face that I am very happy and surprised to see her,” he stated in an interview with reporters. I express my gratitude to the Indian government and Mr. Maqbool for their assistance in obtaining a visa. Both nations greatly aided in our unification. This is an illustration of how there can never be a border between love and clear objectives.

“I hope that both governments will grant a special visa to a married couple in order to support them. I acknowledge that security issues are significant, but I also think there ought to be a separate category,” he continued. Sameer told PTI that he expects friends from the US, Germany, Spain, Africa, and other nations to attend his wedding.


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