Four Deaths in a Doctor’s Family Shock UP Town Due To Depression, Murders, and Suicide

Dr Arun Kumar was a medical officer attached to the Railways who specialised in eye care. He was based at Rae Bareli. Police have discovered that he had been depressed.

A doctor employed by Railways in Rae Bareli, Uttar Pradesh, is suspected of killing his wife and two children before taking his own life. This has left the colony in shock. Working as a medical officer for the Railways, Dr. Arun Kumar is an eye expert who was assigned to the Modern Rail Coach Factory in Rae Bareli. It has been discovered by the police that he was depressed. Living in the Railway quarters in Rae Bareli with his spouse and two kids was Dr. Kumar, a Mirzapur local. On Sunday, they were last observed. Colleagues of the doctor went to his house after he was unavailable for two days. They broke through the door after the bell and knocks went unanswered. The doctor, his wife Archana, their son Aarav (4), and daughter Adiva (12) were all found dead inside. District leaders arrived at the location after police were notified.

At the crime site, there were narcotic injections, bloodstains, and a hammer. Police claim that the doctor gave his wife and kids medicines to help them become conscious. then struck them in the head to kill them. Initially, the doctor attempted to cut his wrists. When that failed, he was hanged to death. This is the information we have thus far. More would be revealed by the post-mortem, according to Rae Bareli SP Alok Priyadarshi. A neighbour named Kamal Kumar Das said that following the tragedy, the community was in disbelief. “Dr. Kumar was a really kind man, both to his patients and to other people. This must have been a familial issue, which is why it happened,” he remarked.

After the event, Lucknow Range Inspector Tarun Gauba arrived at the location. According to the senior police officer, there have been reports from coworkers and neighbours that Dr. Kumar has experienced violent episodes. “We’ve heard he would frequently argue angrily with folks. We are investigating every possibility,” he stated.

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