Joe Biden: “Israel starting to lose support” in response to Benjamin Netanyahu’s Gaza conflict

Following Benjamin Netanyahu’s repeated declaration that the United States is with Israel, the remarks were made.
Due of indiscriminate bombing in Gaza during the Hamas conflict, US President Joe Biden claimed that Israel is beginning to lose favour. After reiterating that the US stands with Israel in its efforts to defeat Hamas and free the hostages held in Gaza, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made the remarks.

Benjamin Netanyahu further noted that while Tel Aviv will not support the return of the Palestinian Authority, led by President Mahmoud Abbas and backed by the West, to Gaza, there are differences between the US and Israel over what might happen after the Gaza battle. He said that Gaza “will be neither Hamas-stan nor ‘Fatah-stan,'” and clarified, saying, “I will not allow Israel to repeat the mistake of Oslo.” Jake Sullivan, the national security adviser for the White House, has already stated that he will talk to Israeli authorities about their timeline for the Gaza War. Jake Sullivan, who is scheduled to visit Israel shortly, stated that “the subject of how they are seeing the timetable of this war will certainly be on the agenda for my meetings.”

According to Jake Sullivan, Hamas “continues to hold women, elderly people, and civilians in significant numbers” and is also to blame for the breakdown of the Israeli-Hamas truce. And still, it’s saying, Hey, why don’t we all just stop? Thus, we think Israel is entitled to self-defense. At the White House on October 7, Joe Biden is scheduled to meet with the relatives of Americans who were kidnapped by Hamas during its operation in southern Israel.


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