Maratha quota campaigner Jarange-Patil criticises Maharashtra minister Bhujbal once more, claiming that he is “speaking language of swords.”

Jarange-Patil restates that the Maratha community will receive reservations by December 24 and begs Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis to comprehend Bhujbal’s strategy.

Manoj Jarange-Patil, a Maratha quota activist, criticised Maharashtra Food and Civil Supplies Minister Chhagan Bhujbal on Thursday, accusing him of being unreliable and requesting that the state government refrain from dancing to his music. The state administration is swaying to Bhujbal’s melodies.In Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar, where he was admitted to a private hospital, Jarange-Patil told reporters that Devendra Fadnavis should comprehend his strategy.

According to the activist, the government was modifying its stance on Maratha reservation after listening to Bhujbal. “The administration is attempting to treat the Maratha people unfairly. This will not be accepted. Despite the fact that Bhujbal is speaking in terms of swords, the government does nothing to stop him. He stated, “The government is making the arrests; it is the government that is asking them to make them. “Bhujbal does not declare his stand about Dhangar agitation, on ruing ‘OBC Mahamandal,’ and despite occupying a constitutional post, he speaks against Maratha reservation,” the Maratha activist claimed, accusing Bhujbal of being a casteist. Who’s going to shoot him? Marathas won’t go to such lengths. He is engaging in idle chatter rather than offering advice to others his own age.

Reiterating that Beed district leaders’ residences were not set on fire by Marathas, the activist stated, “I ask Fadnavis to ignore him. Leaders like Prakash Solanke and Kshirsagar have explicitly stated that the Marathas had no involvement. Bhujbal, who previously acted in a film, is now bringing that character to politics.

Jarange-Patil urged the Dhangar and OBC communities not to misunderstand Marathas, emphasising that their admission into the OBC category will not have an impact on their reservation. “We should keep living in this manner; we are living in peace in every village in Maharashtra,” he declared.

“In case we don’t get, we will decide our future course of action by December 17 at a meeting of Maratha volunteers, activists, professionals from different fields, experts and historians,” Jarange-Patil stated, underlining that the Maratha community will receive reservations by December 24. The Jalna district’s Antarwali-Saraati will host the summit.

He declared, “There will be a much larger but peaceful agitation.”

“I refuse to force my opinions on the community. I always get community input before making any decisions. Thus, the community will choose the course that the agitation takes,” he continued. According to Jarange-Patil, unforeseen circumstances forced them to abandon their original intention to convene a meeting after December 24. As a result, they opted to hold the meeting on December 17.

“We will continue to trust the government through December 24th, but prior to that, certain events have caused us to lose faith in the government.” For example, despite the government’s stated policy of not detaining individuals from Antarwali-Saraati, detentions have occurred. The administration had declared that it would drop its legal action against agitators. That hasn’t happened either,” he remarked.

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