Pune: 380 trains from Miraj have been cancelled due to ongoing construction.

To double the railway line, the railway administration has set aside a block of thirty-six days. The Miraj to Madhavnagar station interlocking project will be completed. Up to 380 trains have been cancelled as a result, which would negatively impact the timetable of railway trains departing from Miraj station.

A block of thirty-six days has been set aside by the railway administration to double the railway line. The interlocking project will be completed between the stations of Madhavnagar and Miraj. As a result, up to 380 trains have been cancelled and the schedule of railway trains operating from Miraj station would be negatively impacted, 200 train routes and timetables have been altered; these changes will take effect on Friday night. The decision was made by the railway administration without informing the passengers in advance, which means that Friday’s traveller arrivals would experience mayhem.

As part of the non-interlocking process, work is being done between Miraj and Madhavnagar station on the doubled railway line, which has been agreed upon. Over an 11-kilometer stretch, this work will be completed. We will use daily blocks to complete this work. This means that during 36 days, this block will be observed. This 36-day period will have an impact on the schedule of the different trains that depart from Miraj station. The railway personnel must confirm the tickets booked by the passengers.

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