Punjab Police Incident Mode: Three Gangsters Arrested, Eleventh Event in Eleven Days

Following a gunfight with the police, three gangsters from the Lucky Patial gang were taken into custody, according to the police.

Another encounter in the Moga district early this morning marked the continuation of Punjab’s war on gangsters on Sunday. Police said that following a gunfight with the officers, three thugs from the Lucky Patial gang were taken into custody.
The criminal investigation agency set up barricades and gave the bike-riding gangsters a signal to stop, according to Harinder Singh, the Deputy Superintendent of Police for the Moga district.

The police pursued the thugs as they attempted to flee by turning their motorbike around when ordered to stop. The police squad was then attacked by them when they left their bike within the farms, according to Mr. Singh. He said that after a gunfight, the criminals surrendered, and one of them was hurt trying to flee, not by gunfire. Unknown information surround the alleged discovery of an enormous cache of weapons and ammunition from the detained mob bosses.

This is the seventh incident that has been recorded in Punjab in the previous 11 days, particularly following Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann’s public threat that the police will strike back if they are attacked. Following two reports of encounters from Mohali and Patiala yesterday, two car thieves as well as an accused murderer were taken into custody. According to the police, all three of them were injured in the firing in both occurrences.


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