Actress Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla blessed with Twins? Trainer congratulates couple,

The coach of Rubina Dilaik congratulated the new mother on Instagram before editing the caption. The pair has not yet responded to the rumours. It is said that Abhinav Shukla and Rubina Dilaik are now parents. The wonderful news of the power couple becoming parents to twins was first revealed by Rubina’s trainer; however, the message has now been modified to simply say “Congratulations.”

Trainer shared photo with Rubina
The actor is more than four months pregnant, according to an exclusive scoop that Hindustan Times first revealed in August. Rubina’s Pilates instructor has now congratulated Rubina on Instagram. In the photo that went with the post, Rubina and her coach were seen grinning for a group photo at the gym. The two haven’t confirmed the rumours yet.

About her pregnancy, Rubina
Through the premiere of Kisine Bataya Nahi: The Mamacado Show on her YouTube channel, Rubina had already disclosed that she was expecting twins. Rubina declared, “This episode is devoted to all mothers who are carrying multiple children.” The difficulties of carrying twins, triplets, or any other multiple pregnancy are the subject of this episode, which is devoted to all mothers out there. We are expecting twins, which I would like to let you know.

Rubina also disclosed that she had fear following a car accident just after the first trimester. “A truck struck my car when I was stopped at a signal. I had an automobile accident.” Naturally, I was unprepared. I still get shivers thinking about it. I was terrified for these two life that were developing within me. My level of terror was so great that chaos ensued. My biggest nightmare was that. Then, since I was desperate to be sure they were okay, we scheduled an emergency sonography. The worry I experienced for six to seven hours made me recognise that no pregnant journey is simple,” the woman remarked.

A number of the images from Rubina and Abhinav’s pregnant photo shoot were previously posted to Instagram.

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