Vladimir Putin’s call to “employ women”: “Russia’s reserve labour force”

Due to low birth rates, Russia has seen a declining labour force for a long time.

Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, asked traditionally masculine professions to hire more women in order to worsen the severe labour shortage that the conflict in Ukraine is causing as thousands of servicemen are being called up to fight. Due to low birth rates, Russia has long suffered from a declining labour force. The crisis in Ukraine has made this problem worse by forcing hundreds of thousands of men out of the labour force. After Moscow invaded the country, some Russians also left.
“For Russia, girls are a great reserve. They must fully utilise their potential in fields where they are not already employed, according to Vladimir Putin.

“Girls are already flying combat aircraft in our flight schools,” the Russian president said, praising women who were pursuing degrees to enlist in the air force. The military minister stated that they perform it exceptionally well, despite the perception that it is a job exclusive to men. Boundaries are being removed today.” The head of the Kremlin, a seasoned champion of so-called traditional values, clarified his statement, saying, “Of course, there are some constraints relating to anatomy, health, and possibly family. “Who stays with the kids during a long business trip?” He pondered.

He asserted that these problems “can be solved” and that barriers to women’s employment ought to be removed. In an attempt to maintain his position in the Kremlin until at least 2030, Vladimir Putin has begun his campaign for presidential reelection.

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