12 killed in two separate road accidents in Pune

The first event happened on the Ahmednagar-Kalyan Highway in the Dingore area, and the second incident happened on the Nashik-Pune Highway close to Chandanapuri Village in Sangamner.

In two traffic incidents that were reported in Pune and Ahmednagar late on Sunday night, twelve individuals lost their lives, including four members of two families. Numerous hours following the tragedy, there were reports of traffic gridlock on the affected areas.
Preliminary information from Otur police station officials states that in the first event, a triple deadly accident occurred near Anjirachi Bagh in the Dingore area of the Ahmednagar-Kalyan Highway, resulting in the immediate deaths of eight persons.

Five adults, one lady, and two children were unintentionally killed when a pick-up van travelling from Otur in the Pune area towards Kalyan collided with an autorickshaw and a truck. Four members of the same family, including a four-year-old child and a six-year-old girl, perished instantly in the accident in the pick-up van. The deceased have been identified as Madh Pargaon in Junnar taluka locals Ganesh Maskare (30), Komal Maskare (25), Harshad Maskare (4), and Kavya Maskare (6).

According to authorities, the identity of the other deceased person has not yet been determined.

Following the collision, there was an extreme traffic bottleneck on the route for a while. The police claim that all of the dead passed away at the scene, and that assistant police inspector Sachin Kandge of the Otur Police Station and his crew arrived there as soon as word of the disaster reached the control room.

At the scene of the tragedy, villagers and police performed rescue and relief operations, providing assistance to the victims and their relatives. The accident victims’ bodies have been sent to Otur for a post-mortem. The Otur police station’s sub-inspector, Sachin Kandge, stated, “Ganesh Maskare and his family had travelled to Pimpalwandi village in Junnar taluka for his sister-in-law’s wedding. They were going home late at night after the celebration. He had loaded a pickup truck because he was a vegetable merchant. He was going to sell vegetables at Tokawade as usual, leaving his family behind.

He was involved in an automobile accident near Pimpalgaon Joga. Regretfully, he said, the accident claimed the lives of his wife and their two kids. In the second incident, which happened close to Chandanapuri hamlet in Sangamner on the Nashik-Pune highway, a cargo truck headed from Pune to Sangamner crashed into a car that was using the service lane. Four members of the same family, including a two-and-a-half-year-old daughter, were killed. The deceased have been identified as Sunil Dinkar Dharankar (65), Asha Sunil Dharankar (42), Ojaswi Harshal Dharankar (2.5), and Abhay Suresh Visal (48), all of Akole, district Ahmednagar.

Famous for selling bhel (snacks) in Akole is Abhay Suresh Visal. Following the collision, Dolasane highway police and the villagers hurried to assist. Following the collision, the truck driver fled. “Both the car and the cargo truck were travelling in the direction of Sangamner from Pune when the accident took place,” stated Sangamner police inspector Devidas Dhumne. The four out of the five people inside the car were killed when the truck crashed into the car during a curve.


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