Sports Ministry suspends Sanjay Singh’s newly established Wrestling Federation of India

The Sports Ministry made an announcement about its decision, noting the newly elected body’s rash decisions and its flagrant disrespect for the laws and regulations in place.

The Wrestling Federation of India, which is led by recently elected President Sanjay Singh, has been suspended by the Union Sports Ministry. On December 24, the Ministry made its decision public, citing the newly elected body’s rash decisions and its total disrespect for the laws and regulations in place. The U-15 and U-20 nationals will take place in Nandini Nagar, Gonda (UP) before the end of this year, according to a statement made on December 21 by Sanjay Singh, the recently elected president of WFI. The Ministry argued that the announcement was against the rules and that players needed to be given 15 days’ notice to get ready, citing the announcement.

According to the WFI constitution, the new entity has not complied. Although we have paused until further orders, the Federation has not been terminated. A Sports Ministry representative told PTI, “They just need to follow the rules and the due process.”
Additional details regarding the suspension were provided by the source.”Until the end of this year, Nandini Nagar, Gonda (UP) will host the U-15 and U-20 national wrestling tournaments,” declared Sanjay Kumar Singh, the just elected president of WFI, on December 21, 2023, the day he was elected.The wrestlers who are scheduled to compete in the aforementioned nationals were not given enough warning in this hastily announced news, and the WFI constitution was not adhered to.

The Ministry’s source stated, “According to clause 3(e) of the WFI Constitution Preamble, among other things, the object of the WFI is to arrange holding of Senior, Junior, and Sub Junior National Championships in accordance with UWW Rules at locations chosen by the Executive Committee.”

entangled in disputes
On December 21, Sanjay Singh, a supporter of retiring WFI chairman Brij Bhushan Singh, won a landslide victory in the polls and was voted the body’s president. His panel also secured the majority of the offices.
Olympic bronze medallist Sakshi Malik made a stunning announcement shortly after the elections, leaving her shoes on the table, announcing her decision to withdraw from the sport. Sakshi, with tears in her eyes, remarked, “We wanted a female president but that did not happen.”

Olympic wrestler Bajrang Punia declared on December 22 that he was going to return his Padma Shri award in protest against Sanjay Singh’s appointment to the WFI presidency. “I’m giving the Prime Minister my Padmashree back. This letter is all I have to say. This is my message,” the bronze-winning wrestler from the Tokyo Olympics wrote in a post on X, formerly Twitter.

Gold medallist at the Deaflympics, Virender Singh Yadav, also known as Goonga Pehlwan, made the decision on December 23 to return his Padma Shri to the government in support of the nation’s best wrestlers who have voiced their opposition to Mr. Singh’s candidature. “I will also give my sister and the nation’s daughter their Padma Shri back. Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji, I am proud of your daughter and my sister Sakshi Malikkh,” Virender wrote on X.

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