Terrorists in J&K attack a retired police officer who is praying in Baramulla by opening fire on them.

A new act of terrorism in Baramulla, Jammu & Kashmir, has shocked the valley. On December 24, a retired police officer was shot by some terrorists near Gantmulla in Baramulla. Notably, this terror attack in J&K took place the day after four soldiers were killed in an attack on two military trucks in the Rajouri area. Mohd. Shafi was the name of the deceased former police officer, according to Jammu and Kashmir Police. The former police officer was praying at a mosque when terrorists opened fire on him, the police continued. As soon as the incident occurred, the area was roped off, according to officials. In the meantime, more security personnel have been stationed in the Poonch district’s Bafliaz neighbourhood. In the Rajouri sector, in the forest near Dera ki Gali, there is an operation in progress to apprehend terrorists.

The Indian Army declared that it was looking into the three civilians who died in the terror incident on December 21 in the Poonch-Rajouri area.


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