“Aisa kuch bhi nahin tha,” says Ankita Lokhande’s mother in response to Vicky Jain attempting to slap her on Bigg Boss 17.

Following reports that Vicky Jain attempted to slap Ankita Lokhande on Bigg Boss 17, her mother Vandana Pandis Lokhande stood up for her son in law.

It seems like Vicky Jain attempted to slap Ankita Lokhande a few days ago after a heated argument. That moment, Ankita had a surprised expression. In response to the viral moment, Ankita’s mother Vandana Pandis Lokhande has now stated that the incident was completely misinterpreted. She further mentioned that since they are a “loving couple,” Vicky would never raise his hand.

Mother of Ankita responds to alleged slap
Indiaforums contacted Ankita’s mother to comment on the Bigg Boss house incident. Later, her response was shared on Instagram. “Bilkul galat tha woh,” she murmured. Vicky ko janti hu kyun ki? Oh, woh rehte hai mere saath mein. Toh, I’m well familiar with them. Yes, it is a bilkul galat. That’s not the case at all. That was completely incorrect. Kyunki woh bahut loving pair hai aur unko ek dusre ko pyar karne wala mila hai. since I am acquainted with Vicky. He remains at my house. So I’m really familiar with them. It is completely inaccurate. That kind of stuff did not occur. They are a devoted pair that genuinely care for one another.

What occurred in Bigg Boss with Vicky and Ankita
Everything started last week in the Bigg Boss house when Vicky Jain and Abhishek Kumar were spotted bickering about food. Ankita was then seen attempting to speak in between when Vicky became agitated and reached out to touch her, briefly causing her to seem shocked. Following the event, a number of users commented, criticising Vicky’s actions.

Ankita was attacked by Vicky’s mother.
From the start of the new season, Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain have been fighting and arguing within the Bigg Boss house over various matters. Ankita and Vicky had a conversation with their mothers in a previous episode from November. Vicky’s mother stated Ankita kicking and throwing slippers at him, and she was quite upset about how he and Ankita were fighting inside the Bigg Boss house. “Tumhari ladai ghar mein kabhi nahi hui.” You never had arguments at home, Batao, Ankita paer maar rahi hai, chappal phekk rahi hai. Ankita is kicking and flinging slippers at him right now),” she remarked.

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