Patients at BMC Hospital in Mumbai may soon receive tetrapack milk.

Patients confined to the civic hospitals will now receive ready-to-drink milk in tetra packets from the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation. Tetra pack milk is being supplied in BMC hospitals for the first time in order to reduce the hazards involved with handling raw milk. Approximately 4.78 crore litres of milk are needed annually in all BMC hospitals and maternity homes.

In order to receive bids for the delivery of cow milk in tetra packs, BMC has released tenders totaling Rs 42.82 crore. Dr. Sudhakar Shinde, an additional municipal commissioner, informed Midday that the choice was made with the patients’ best interests in mind. Dr. Shinde stated, “We have invited the tender to supply ready-to-drink milk in tetra pack for two years.”

According to a senior medical official, milk was previously purchased by BMC for its hospitals from Aarey dairy; but, as of right now, the hospital’s needs determine where the milk is purchased. BMC has now chosen to centralise the acquisition of milk. Every day, the contractor will provide milk to every hospital.

Patients receive milk once a day for youngsters and once a day for ladies who have just become moms. The milk needs to be boiled now before it can be administered to the patients. However, we don’t need to boil milk in our pantry when we start with tetra pack milk. In addition to saving effort and time, the milk in tetra packs is safe to consume, an official stated.

As per the hospital’s requirements, BMC has chosen to purchase milk in 100 ml, 150 ml, 200 ml, 500 ml, and one litre tetra packs, according to the tender document. The BMC hospitals require 75.83 lakh different-sized tetra packs of milk annually.

Each patient will have 100 ml to 200 ml of milk daily, as advised by their physician.

According to BMC’s estimations, based on current usage, there would be an annual need of 20.40 lakh units for milk in 100 ml tetra packs, 11.24 lakh units for 150 ml tetra packs, and 40.68 lakh units for 200 ml tetra packs. It is anticipated that 3,650 units of 500 ml tetra packs and 3.46 lakh units of one litre packs will be consumed. Twelve thousand beds can be found in BMC hospitals and maternity homes.

The annual demand for milk at BMC hospitals is 4.78cr litres.

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