Nargis Fakhri celebrates the new year with her ex-boyfriend Uday Chopra and her purported beau Tony Beig.

Nargis Fakhri was seen out and about having fun with her presumed boyfriend Tony and her ex-boyfriend Uday Chopra. The party also included Arslan Goni and Sussanne Khan.

New Year 2024 was rung in by Nargis Fakhri and her loved ones. Sussanne Khan and actor Arslan Goni joined her in Dubai to celebrate. However, what really created a stir was Nargis’s reunion with actor and former boyfriend Uday Chopra. Based on their joint partying with pals, it appears that all is okay with the ex-couples. There at the gathering was Tony Beig, Nargis’s supposed lover right now.

Arslan Goni posted images from their New Year’s 2024 celebration to his Instagram page. “Happy New Year to all of you. What a night it was. With gratitude, “he captioned the photo. Sussanne looked gorgeous in a white cut-out dress, while Arsan dressed for the event in a black blazer, trousers and matching tie. Arslan and Sussanne are seen posing with Tony, Nargis Fakhri, and Uday in one of the photos. While Uday Chopra was spotted wearing a black suit, Nargis looked stunning as always in a pink bodycon dress.

Nargis had already mentioned spending five years dating Uday Chopra. In an interview with Etimes, Nargis talked candidly about Uday in 2021. “Uday was the most gorgeous person I had ever met in India, and we dated for five years.” I regret not disclosing this to the media because I was advised to keep my relationship private, but I should have shouted from the rooftops that I was in a relationship with such a lovely soul. People won’t know the truth since social media and the internet are full of fake information. She had stated, “Most of the time, we idolise certain people who are quite horrible behind closed doors.

Nargis remembered being connected to other colleagues in the industry more recently. She stated, “I used to drive myself insane because I was linked to every other person in the film industry,” in an interview with Siddharth Kannan. An article once stated that my mother came down to meet Shahid Kapoor when I moved into his flat. I began receiving messages from people asking, “Is your mum in town?” My mother didn’t even visit this place. I have to adjust to all of it.


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