“50 Individuals from Matka Gambling Bust detained by Mumbai Police”

Mumbai Police’s crime branch disclosed the arrest of 50 individuals involved in a matka gambling den raid in central Mumbai. Acting on a tip-off, senior officers swiftly responded, leading to the apprehension of two managers, cashiers, writers, and customers along with a cash seizure of Rs 3.76 lakh. A case has been filed at the Bhoiwada Police Station, with ongoing investigations.

Similarly, in Thane city, authorities detained 45 individuals and seized around Rs 6.45 lakh during a raid on a gambling spot in Kopri area. The operation revealed gambling activities, resulting in the arrest of 43 players, the club manager, and the owner under the Maharashtra Prevention of Gambling Act. The police confiscated Rs 6,43,890 during this raid.

Meanwhile, Mumbai Police imposed restrictions banning the possession of arms or any potentially harmful objects, prohibiting public gatherings and displays until February 9. The order, issued by the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Operations), prohibits the carrying of weapons, explosives, corrosive substances, or any items used for launching projectiles within the police commissionerate limits. Additionally, public expressions, including displays of figures, utterances, singing, or playing music, are also prohibited during this period, as reported by the news agency.


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