The CEO Mother may have used cough syrup as a weapon to murder her 4-year-old kid.

A doctor at a government hospital disclosed that Suchana Seth, accused of the murder of her four-year-old son in Goa, employed either a towel or pillow for smothering. According to police statements on Wednesday, the murder of the four-year-old boy by his mother, Suchana Seth, seemed premeditated, and Goa Police sources revealed the discovery of empty cough syrup bottles in the accused woman’s room. Reports suggest that Suchana brought one bottle herself, while the hotel staff provided the other at her request.

Police believed the discovery of cough syrups would support postmortem findings indicating the absence of struggle marks on the child’s body. Sources indicated the accused’s lack of cooperation with the investigation, as she denied committing the murder.

Dr. Kumar Naik, the administrative officer at Hiriyur Taluk Hospital, stated that the minor boy was smothered to death by his mother. Referring to the postmortem report, he mentioned, “Either a cloth or a pillow was used. It doesn’t seem like the child was strangled manually. It appears a pillow or some other material was involved.” “The child’s rigor mortis had dissipated. Typically in India, rigor mortis dissipates after 36 hours, but in this instance, there was no sign of it. Hence, more than 36 hours had passed since his death,” he remarked, highlighting the absence of blood loss or struggle marks on the body.

“In a tragic incident, the father of the four-year-old boy, who was reportedly killed by his mother in Goa, returned to India from Jakarta following the distressing news of his child’s demise. Venkat Raman arrived at Chitradurga in Karnataka, where he cooperated with local authorities to facilitate a post-mortem examination on his son’s body,” confirmed a senior police official.

The funeral for Suchana Seth’s four-year-old son took place on Wednesday in Bengaluru. Simultaneously, the building compound housing multiple service apartments in Candolim, North Goa, took measures on Tuesday to restrict access following the tragic incident. The child was killed at one of these facilities. Witnesses informed PTI that the owner of the ‘Sol Banyan Grande’ building directed security personnel to prevent entry, particularly of media personnel. Despite the restrictions, current guests at the premises continued their vacation stays uninterrupted, according to reports. Seth, along with her son, checked into the service apartment on January 6, and after a two-day stay, she departed for Bengaluru in a taxi on Monday.

A court in Mapusa, Goa, granted the woman six days of police custody, confirmed an official. The accused informed the police about her estrangement from her husband, revealing ongoing divorce proceedings. As per Seth’s LinkedIn profile, she holds the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at the start-up Mindful AI Lab and was recognized among the top ‘100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics for 2021’.

The revelation occurred when the service apartment’s staff discovered bloodstains on a towel. Initially, the accused woman expressed her intention to travel to Bengaluru for work and requested the staff to arrange transportation. Although the staff suggested a more economical flight option over a taxi, the accused remained adamant about using a taxi. Consequently, a vehicle was organized for her departure on January 8, during the early morning hours. Subsequently, upon cleaning the room after her departure, the staff discovered bloodstains on a towel.


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