Pune Zilla Parishad Officer Accused of Rape, Manipulation, and Threats

In a distressing turn of events, the Sinhagad police have taken legal action against a Zilla Parishad extension officer, Sachin Haribhau Lokhande, aged 47, on charges of allegedly raping a 35-year-old rural school teacher in Mulshi. The disconcerting revelation highlights a longstanding acquaintance between the victim and Lokhande, dating back to 2016.

The police report discloses a disturbing abuse of authority by Lokhande, who allegedly resorted to threatening the victim with derogatory remarks concerning her teaching performance, thereby endangering her professional standing. Subsequently, the situation took a darker turn when Lokhande is accused of committing the heinous act of rape.

Undeterred by the threat, the victim exhibited remarkable courage by filing a formal complaint against Lokhande. However, the accused, in an attempt to manipulate the unfolding situation, reportedly visited the victim’s residence and met her mother. Shockingly, he resorted to emotional blackmail, threatening to take his own life if they did not withdraw the complaint. Despite these coercive tactics, both the victim and her mother displayed unwavering resolve in their pursuit of justice.

The investigation into this deeply troubling incident is now in the hands of Assistant Police Inspector Chandanshive, who is diligently working to uncover the truth.

In a separate and equally distressing case, a 28-year-old woman has lodged a complaint against four individuals for outraging her modesty. At the center of this case is Ashok Rajput, 38, identified as the main accused. The victim alleges that Rajput deceived her with promises of marriage, engaging in physical relations, only to later backtrack on his commitment and resort to threatening behavior.

Sinhagad Road police have initiated legal proceedings in connection with this incident, revealing that the alleged misconduct transpired between December 2022 and January 2024. The police narrative suggests that the accused manipulated the victim into a false sense of security, engaging in physical relations before the victim discovered the deceit. In a brave decision to seek justice, the victim filed a formal complaint.

However, the distressing ordeal for the victim did not end with her filing the complaint. The sister of the accused, along with two friends, allegedly subjected the victim to further abuse, applying pressure on her not to pursue legal action. This multifaceted case underscores the critical need for a thorough investigation to bring the perpetrators to justice and ensure the safety and well-being of the victims involved.

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