Pune: Tragic Construction Site Accident Prompts Legal Action After Year-Long Investigation

In a regrettable incident at the ‘Majestic Marbella’ housing project in Kharadi, a 31-year-old laborer, identified as Vishwanath Khudiram Vishwas, lost his life on September 21, 2022. The unfortunate event occurred around 5:30 in the evening while Vishwanath was engaged in centering work on the tenth floor of the D Wing building. According to police reports, Vishwanath tragically lost his balance during the centering work, leading to a fatal fall. The safety nets on the ninth, seventh, and fifth floors were found to be insufficient, and he plunged directly to the first floor, succumbing to immediate and fatal injuries.

The deceased laborer, hailing from Chaudhary Vasti, Kharadi, was identified as Vishwanath Khudiram Vishwas. A formal complaint was lodged by Abhijit Khudiram Vishwas, a resident of Chaudhary Vasti, Majestic Labor Camp, Kharadi. After a comprehensive investigation lasting nearly a year and a half, the police have officially registered a case under IPC 304 (A) 34. The case has been filed against the primary contractor, Faheem Usman Sheikh, a 33-year-old resident of Sanjay Park, Lohgaon, and subcontractor Deepan Dewas Samajdar, a 36-year-old resident of Wagholi.

However, the significant delay in filing the case has raised doubts about the effectiveness of the investigation. Questions linger regarding the prolonged timeline and its potential impact on the pursuit of justice for the deceased and his family. The investigation primarily aimed to identify the responsible parties among the builders, construction contractors, and labor contractors involved in the project. Based on the findings, legal action has been taken against the contractor and sub-contractor implicated in the tragic incident.

The construction site accident at ‘Majestic Marbella’ serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of stringent safety measures in the construction industry. As legal proceedings unfold, the community awaits answers and justice for Vishwanath Khudiram Vishwas, whose life was cut short in the course of his work.

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