“Hanuman Kadhai” En-Route to Ayodhya

The ‘Hanuman Kadhai,’ weighing 1,800 kg, stands at a height of 6.5 feet from the ground, inclusive of its stand, and boasts a diameter of 15 feet.

A monumental culinary tribute is underway as a colossal 15,000-litre cauldron, aptly named ‘Hanuman Kadhai,’ is being meticulously crafted in Nagpur. This massive pot, standing 6.5 feet tall and boasting a diameter of 15 feet, is dedicated to preparing ‘Ram Halwa,’ a sweet delicacy named after Lord Ram. The grand undertaking is in honor of the upcoming ‘Pran Pratishtha’ ceremony at the Ram temple in Ayodhya.

The unique ‘Hanuman Kadhai’ requires the assistance of a crane for lifting due to its substantial size. Weighing in at 1,800 kg, this cauldron is a symbol of devotion and craftsmanship, set to be transported to Ayodhya for its significant role in the temple ceremony.

Celebrated chef Vishnu Manohar, the visionary behind this culinary spectacle, has commissioned the ‘Hanuman Kadhai’ to prepare a generous offering of 7,000 kg of ‘Ram Halwa’ during the festivities in Ayodhya. The culinary extravaganza is scheduled to take place from January 29 to 31, marking Lord Ram’s symbolic return to his abode after five centuries.

As part of the broader preparations for the grand consecration ceremony, the Ram temple in Ayodhya is set to open its doors on January 22, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi headlining the event. The ceremonies leading up to this historic occasion have already commenced, adding to the anticipation and fervor surrounding the momentous event.

In addition to the ‘Hanuman Kadhai,’ other noteworthy gifts, including a 2100-kg bell and a 108-feet-long incense stick, are set to reach the Ram temple. Chef Vishnu Manohar expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to make this unique offering, highlighting that the ‘Hanuman Kadhai’ will stand as a symbolic connection between Nagpur and Ayodhya. Emphasizing its significance, he shared that this culinary masterpiece will remain in Ayodhya, becoming a tradition to craft ‘Ram Halwa’ annually in celebration of Lord Ram’s homecoming.

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