“Prostitution Racket Uncovered in Pune’s Viman Nagar”: Rajasthani Actress was involved.

A high-profile sex racket has been dismantled by Pune police in the Viman Nagar area, the case leads to the arrest of a Rajasthani actress and two Uzbekistani models involved in the prostitution business. The authorities uncovered an online prostitution operation that had been active in Viman Nagar for several days. While the actress and models have been detained, the police are actively searching for the main accused responsible for orchestrating the illicit activities, with a case already registered against them.

How the raid took place:

Undercover as a prospective client, the police initiated communication with the agent via WhatsApp, uncovering that the services were being marketed at a rate of ₹15,000 per hour. The revelations prompted prompt action from the police authorities against the perpetrators. Authorities have stated that agents Rohit and Irfan, also known as Rahul Madan, have been booked in connection with the case.

A case has been filed at the Vimannagar police station under the Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act (ITPA). The charges encompass orchestrating and advancing prostitution through an online platform. The accused were managing a widespread online prostitution network that extended beyond Pune.

Recently, the Pune Police’s crime branch rescued four young victims who had fallen prey to the prostitution ring operating under the guise of a massage center. The surge in the city’s crime rate has prompted law enforcement to adopt various measures, including increased nighttime patrolling, setting traps, and conducting targeted raids based on received information. Simultaneously, efforts are underway to crack down on several illegal businesses. Despite these actions, the frequency of incidents in the city shows no sign of decline.

The police have urged citizens to remain vigilant, particularly regarding establishments masquerading as massage parlors and spas. They emphasize close monitoring of such businesses and encourage residents to promptly report any suspicious or illegal activities to the authorities. This proactive approach aims to foster community involvement in maintaining public safety and curbing the prevalence of unlawful operations in Pune.


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