Shiveri bus hit senior citizen, 75-year-old woman died.

The tragic incident unfolded at Keshavrao Jedhe Chowk in Swargate at 2 pm on a Thursday, resulting in the demise of 75-year-old Kasturibai Ratanlal Rathod. A complaint has been formally filed against the Shivneri bus driver, Prakash Bahadur (32), who resides in Garnish Building at Ambegaon Pathar, by the victim’s granddaughter, Sonali Ravindra Pujari.

Kasturibai Rathod, a resident of Upper Indiranagar near V.I.P College in Bibwewadi, was walking along the road in Swargate when the unfortunate incident occurred. The speeding Shivneri bus, driven by Prakash Bahadur, collided with her, causing severe injuries to her arms, legs, and head. Despite immediate efforts to provide medical attention, Kasturibai Rathod succumbed to her injuries before receiving treatment at a hospital.

Sonali Ravindra Pujari, deeply affected by the loss of her grandmother, took legal action by filing a complaint against the bus driver. The complaint aims to address the circumstances surrounding the accident and seek accountability for the tragic outcome.

This incident sheds light on the importance of road safety and the need for stringent measures to prevent such accidents. The legal proceedings will now investigate the details of the case to determine any negligence or violations that may have led to this unfortunate incident.

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