First glance at Ram Lalla! A 51-inch idol installed at Ayodhya Mandir is unveiled.

The face of Ram Lalla was unveiled as the 51-inch idol took its place in the Ayodhya Mandir, Uttar Pradesh. The intricately crafted idol, depicting Lord Ram as a five-year-old child adorned with a golden bow and arrow, is fashioned from black stone and masterfully sculpted by Arun Yogiraj, an artist hailing from Mysuru.

Ahead of the grand ‘pran pratishtha’ ceremony, the Ram Mandir officials revealed the complete idol within the last 48 hours. Initial glimpses on Thursday captured the placement of the Ram Lalla idol inside the garbha griha, a sacred sanctum within the temple. Subsequently, on Friday, the public witnessed the idol’s entire manifestation for the first time. Previously concealed beneath a yellow cloth, the face of Ram Lalla was now unveiled, allowing devotees to behold the divine features of the revered deity.

The symbolic representation of Lord Ram as a five-year-old, equipped with a golden bow and arrow, adds a unique dimension to the spiritual and cultural significance of the idol. The meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail by the sculptor Arun Yogiraj contribute to the aesthetic magnificence of the idol, enriching the spiritual experience for the worshippers.

This unveiling marks a significant milestone in the ongoing construction and consecration of the Ram Mandir, a revered project that holds deep cultural and religious importance for millions of devotees across the country. The meticulous reveal of Ram Lalla’s visage adds a moment of reverence and anticipation as the temple progresses towards the monumental ‘pran pratishtha’ ceremony.

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