On Pune-Bengaluru Highway car erupted in flames.

On the evening of January 19, 2024, at approximately 7:49 PM, the Sinhagad Road Fire Station swiftly responded to an emergency call from the control room. The report indicated a vehicle ablaze on the Dari bridge along the Pune-Bangalore highway. A fire engine was promptly dispatched to address the situation.

Upon arrival, the firefighters, including drivers Vijay Sakhre and Tandel Santosh Bhilare, along with Tushar Kare and Amar Atole from Sinhagad Fire Station, encountered a distressing scene. A four-wheeler, owned by a resident of Kolhapur, had succumbed to the ravages of fire, displaying extensive damage.

Acting swiftly to assess the situation, the firefighters prioritized ensuring that no individuals were trapped inside the engulfed vehicle. Subsequently, employing water as their primary tool, they efficiently brought the fire under control within a remarkable five-minute timeframe.

The vehicle owner, who was en route from Pune to Kolhapur, had detected smoke emanating from the vehicle, signaling the impending catastrophe. Unfortunately, the four-wheeler faced irreparable damage and was entirely consumed by the fire.

Despite the intensity of the incident, the fortunate outcome was the absence of reported injuries. The coordinated efforts of the emergency responders from Sinhagad Road Fire Station exemplified their dedication and efficiency in averting potential harm and mitigating the impact of the vehicular fire on the Pune-Bangalore highway.

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