Pavana river again in hazard as foaming reoccurs, environmentalists express concern.

Environmentalists are raising alarms as frothing reoccurs for the fifth time in three months in the Pavana River near Kejudevi Dam in Thergaon, Pune. While activists attribute the recurrent foaming to pollution, Pimpri Chinchwad authorities downplay the concern. Sanjay Kulkarni, associate city engineer of the environment and drainage department at PCMC, attributes the foaming to the sudden release of water from the purification plant, which mixed with polluted water near Kejudevi Dam.

The Pavana River serves as a crucial water source for the residents of Pimpri Chinchwad. A report from the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has highlighted alarming pollution levels in the river, prompting scrutiny of both the municipality and the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB). Environmentalists argue that the recurring foaming is a result of insufficient actions to curb pollution along the riverside.

Drinking water for Pimpri-Chinchwad is sourced from Pavana Dam, but pollution concerns jeopardize the health of around 30 lakh residents. Contributing entities, including companies and societies, are allegedly discharging chemical-laden water directly into rivers, causing pollution and affecting aquatic life. The foaming issue not only raises environmental concerns but also sparks worries about overall water quality and potential health implications.

Despite MP Srirang Appa Barne’s correspondence with the PCMC and MPCB, citizens express dissatisfaction with the perceived inadequate response to the escalating pollution concerns. The focus on tender processes for various projects by senior officials in the environment and drainage department raises questions about their priorities in addressing environmental issues in rivers like Pavana, Indrayani, and Mula-Mutha. The ongoing pollution concerns and recurring foaming incidents underscore the need for concrete and effective measures to safeguard the health of the rivers and the community.

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