Congress MP DK Suresh Creates Controversy with ‘Separate South India’ Remark on Fund Division

Congress MP DK Suresh is facing criticism for suggesting a “separate country for South India” due to perceived unfair fund distribution by the BJP-led central government.

Suresh, representing Bangalore Rural, claimed that southern states, including Karnataka, receive less tax return compared to the money they contribute, leading to a situation where they might demand a separate nation.

The BJP accused the Congress of attempting to divide India and strongly criticised Suresh’s comments. They stated that if they didn’t want to live in India, they may go to their purported “Motherland,” Italy, and claimed that Congress leaders like Suresh were encouraging secessionism.

DK Suresh responded by clarifying his remarks and expressing his appreciation in being a Kannadiga and an Indian. He brought up the visible unfairness of the fund distribution, pointing out that Karnataka paid a large amount towards the GST but got little in return.

Siddaramaiah, the chief minister of Karnataka and a member of the Congress, stated that although states have the right to demand their due in a federal system, it is not proper for them to seek independence.

The controversy reflects tensions between political parties over fund allocation and regional disparities in India.

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