Hamas Says Three-Stage Ceasefire Plan for Gaza Conflict Resolution

To end the ongoing war in Gaza, Hamas has offered an extensive three-stage ceasefire programme that would last for more than 135 days. In response to mediation efforts spearheaded by Israel, the US, Qatar, and Egypt, this plan outlines a staged strategy spaced out over 45-day intervals. Along with the start of Gaza’s rehabilitation, the full withdrawal of Israeli forces, and the delicate matter of replacing bodies and remains, the plan’s primary components include the exchange of Palestinian captives for Israeli hostages who were taken prisoner in October.

The suggested structure calls for a phased release of prisoners and hostages, with particular types of detainees to be released at each step. The first priorities are the release of hostages—Israeli women, men under the age of 19, the old, and the sick—in return for Palestinian women and children detained in Israeli prisons. The latter phases entail the liberation of the remaining male captives and the body swapping, which concludes with the hope of reaching an agreement to end hostilities.

Hamas has underscored its desire for the release of 1,500 prisoners, with one-third of them sought from a list of Palestinians serving life sentences in Israeli penitentiaries. Moreover, the ceasefire blueprint aims to augment the inflow of humanitarian aid to alleviate the plight of Gaza’s populace, grappling with acute shortages and food insecurity.

The conflict erupted following a Hamas-led militant attack on southern Israel on October 7, resulting in 1,200 casualties and 253 hostages. In response, Israel launched a military offensive, resulting in a significant death toll in Gaza, with thousands more feared buried under rubble due to relentless airstrikes.

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