At Gramotsav ceremony The art of Living Founder sri sri Ravishankar Said “no more suicide of farmers.”

The Art of living has organised a 4 days, special program for the local community people at pune Triveni Ashram and here are the highlights of last day 8 feb.,  which was dedicated to farmers.

  • 10,000 farmers and 500 village leaders gathered in Pune’s Triveni Ashram to celebrate natural farming’s success.
  • The event was organized by The Art of Living foundation where a Maharashtra coordinator, Mrs. Kumkum  has organised a brilliant hospitality facility for everyone, who came  to witness the event.
  • Over 10,000 tribal farmers in Maharashtra received training in natural farming from The Art of Living, under the direction of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.
  • Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar emphasised how crucial it is to assist farmers’ mental health.
  • An MOU was signed with the Maharashtra government to expand natural farming over 1.3 million hectares.
  • Farmers shared stories of success, showing increased profits and environmental benefits.
  • Marathi actor Sayaji Shinde and Padmashree awardee Popat Rao Pawar also participated, emphasizing sustainable practices.
  • The JalTara project, in collaboration with the government, focused on water conservation and soil health.
  • Groundwater levels rose by an average of 14 feet in 115 villages, leading to increased incomes and crop yields.
  • The event at The Art of Living ashram in Pune included stalls selling organic products.
  • Guruji emphasized the importance of farmers happiness for a prosperous nation.
  • He highlighted that happy farmers lead to happy consumers.
  • These initiatives inspire hope and transform lives in Maharashtra.
  • In the same event government has announced rs.25 Lakh to people who are running cow shelter homes.
  • Guruji stresses on point of no more suicides of farmers in Maharashtra and in this mission along with the devotees pf The Art of Living, he wanted other to help and appealed the sarpanch and government to also come together.

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