Pune District Preps for Shiv Jayanti Bash at Shivneri Fort: Here’s the Scoop!

As Shiv Jayanti approaches, Pune District gears up for festivities at Shivneri Fort. Dr. Suhas Diwase, the District Collector, directs coordinated efforts for a seamless celebration, ensuring visitor comfort and environmental sustainability.

Dr. Diwase stresses collaboration among departments like Revenue, Police, and Forest to organize the event smoothly. Discussions with the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) explore relocating the main assembly area for better crowd management.

Sanitation facilities, including temporary and permanent structures, are meticulously organized within the city. Mobile and temporary sanitation units, along with ample medical supplies, are ensured for public health.

Efficient crowd management during darshan is prioritized by Pune Rural SP, Dr. Pankaj Deshmukh. Measures like LED screens and a dedicated control room enhance coordination, while entry pass distribution regulates crowd flow.

To promote sustainability, plans for installing solar panels at Shivneri Fort are in progress. Additional transportation arrangements aim to enhance visitor experience while prioritizing safety and environmental conservation.

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