Russian actress Elena Tuteja expressed that Hindi is my second language and helped her a lot in her career.

Russian  actress Elena Tuteja believes being a Russian and having a good command over hindi helped her a lot in her career.
Elena said “It was an amazing experience,pyar tune kya kiya is famous and all the stories are good.people loved PTKK so I wanted to be the part of it.
Russian actress Elena Tuteja worked in many Hindi movies,tv shows and web series.
She said that my knowledge of Hindi helped me a lot to grow my career.It was very easy to learn the dialogues,I just had to feel the characters and express the emotions.If you don’t have the command over the language you get conscious while delivering dialogues.
I don’t have these issues because Hindi is my second language now. I don’t feel so comfortable in English and it’s not my mother tongue as well.

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