MP Gajanan Kirti kar will be parliamentary party leader in place of Sanjay Raut from Shinde faction.

Parliamentary affairs minister prahlad joshi got a letter from shivsena from Eknath Shinde faction to appoint Gajanan kirti car sena parliamentary party leader. At a meeting of Shinde faction leaders parliamentary party that kirtikar is the leader of party in lok sabha and rajya sabha so all MP’S have to follow our whip.

Shivale who is Shiv sena group leader in Lok Sabha also said “no decision has been taken to issue any whip so far.

An MP from Mumbai north west critikar was the Sena’s 13th Lok Sabha MP who joined the Sindhe led shiv Sena with kirtikar exit, the Uddhav faction was left with six MP.

Now Lok sabha Secretariat allotted the Shivsena office in Parliament House to the sena led by Eknath Shinde after ECS decision.

128 parliament house had been alloted to shivsena Party.Both se na group had been using the office, now Uddhav faction MP’S do not have an office in parliament house.

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