Not granting any interim relief would mean that Gandhi continues to be disqualified from the Lok Sabha.

Justice Hemant Prachhak, who heard the arguments, noted that the circumstances of the case is such that he would pass a final judgment in the case after the summer vacations, which ends on June 5.

The Gujarat High Court on May 2 concluded the hearing of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s plea seeking stay of his conviction by a Surat Magistrate court in a defamation case against him .

Nanavati highlighted that Gandhi is taking different stands in the court and in the public. He said “If you are a motormouth you keep speaking. You are well within your right that you don’t want to apologise. You are right in saying you won’t apologise or say sorry. But then don’t make hue and cry over the consequences. Don’t cry here in the courtroom like a cry baby saying my career is at stake.”

Gandhi was convicted on March 23 by the chief judicial magistrate in Surat and sentenced to two years in prison. On March 24, he was disqualified from the Lok Sabha on account of his conviction.

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